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Getting the most out of your smartphone photos. Ten Secrets that give you an edge.

The Transition Network
West 83rd Street Ministry Center,
West 83 Ministry Center, 150 West 83rd St., Room 412
New York, NY

Open to the Public
Registration: $35 per person for non-TTN members (guests).
Register and pay in advance (by credit card) at the TTN website. 

Smartphones are becoming more and more sophisticated, but who has the time to learn all their new features? Isabelle Dervaux, professional photo organizer, will show you tips on getting the most out of your smartphone camera and understanding what's new and useful. Isabelle has reviewed thousands of her clients’ smartphone photos and from this process has developed a workshop presentation that will address such questions as:

    •    How can I improve my smartphone photos?

    •    Why do I end up with so many burst images?

    •    Live photos, what’s that?

    •    Why are my photos so grainy?

    •    Why are my photo prints so disappointing?

    •    What the heck is HDR?

Isabelle will also discuss how to mindfully observe the world around you and patiently take photos you will love instead of just aiming and hoping that the more you shoot, the better the photo. She will go over the basics of light and composition so you can get better pictures that you can post with confidence and share with pride.