Enjoy your photographs, don't stash them away




After moving from the East Coast to the West Coast during my career as an illustrator, I got tired of dragging beat-up boxes of wedding photos, family photos, and children’s artwork from one home to the next. I’d always wanted to organize the family history buried in those boxes, but years passed.

Finally, I did—and it opened a window to something amazing. 

The process and the outcome changed everything. I finally felt content—not only with my albums and slideshows, but because of the feeling of accomplishment and completion it brought me. 

Now I bring this feeling of delight to others. 

We're all drowning in photos

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You're busy raising your kids, and you want to snap every moment—but somehow, your family photos end up causing you to be overwhelmed with clutter and feelings of guilt. If you're like the rest of us, you spend time capturing memories, but they end up hard to find —in a digital haystack, scattered among iPhones, iPads and laptops, or in a shoe box—never to be enjoyed again.

...And it's getting worse

It's so easy to shoot thousands of digital photos, that for those of you who have a hard time pressing the delete button, it's a curse as well as a blessing. I’ll teach you how to edit, curate and organize your photos, share them through slideshows or albums, and give you time-saving methods—so you can cherish the joie de vivre—past, present, future. 

How I can help

Depending on your time and budget I can work with you at three increasing levels of involvement. I can teach you the basics and be available if need be, work side-by-side with you throughout the process or I can work independently to get all the work done —you won't need to lift a finger! Whatever approach you choose, we'll tackle your photos in three steps: Collect, Organize, and Create. The end result? Joy!


I'll gather your photos and memorabilia, whether they’re on your computer or hidden away in boxes.

I'll curate, condense and edit  your photos so they are easy to locate, appreciate and share. 

I'll turn the best photos into a customized slide show, album and video (with my special je ne sais quoi!).

Let's STart a project

Whether you want physical albums, end-of-year letters, holiday cards or a slide show for a special occasion—you will walk away with an organized system, and a beautiful story told and a feeling of accomplishment. I will teach you how to find the pictures that have universal appeal and will touch others, as well as skills and techniques to make photo-enjoyment easier in the future. 

What people are saying


A masterpiece of a picture show…

“Culled from thousands of snapshots in  shoeboxes, photo albums, various computers, and photos behind dusty old frames is a masterpiece of a picture show - brilliantly edited, art directed and photographed by Isabelle. It's a picture show worth showing and sharing, again and again.” 

Jessie Hartland, author and illustrator, New York City.

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Great teaching. Just what I needed… 

"You are so good. Thank you so much. Great service. Great explanation. Great teaching. Just what I needed: someone to simply explain what Apple assumes people already know.”

 Jane Westfall, digital project management consultant, San Francisco.


Our children will cherish it forever… 

“Isabelle organized, added interesting memorabilia, a timeline and made a video of the past sixteen years of our children growing up that we and our children will cherish forever.  

Jill Kent, musician, San Francisco.

I did laugh and cry…

“Isabelle has brilliantly edited a trove of cherished photos to create a wonderful keepsake of our daughter's childhood. I did laugh and cry while reliving many joyous moments.” 

Maria Grace, decorative arts consultant, Portland, Maine.

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